Cabinet Specs:

    Height: 138cm
    Width: 65cm
    Depth: 33cm.

    Up to 4 glass shelves can be installed to divide the space into 5 different sections, at a height of 26.5cm.

    Cabinets are back lit and lights can be dimmed to suit the work.

    A monthly rotation of artworks presented across four vitrines within the bar and lounge area at Loop Project Space and Bar. Loophole is an opportunity for local and emerging artists innovative and experimental work.
    LoopHole is free for artists to exhibit and commission free.
    If you are interested in exhibiting at LoopHole, please email info@looponline.com.au.

    Your show will be advertised in our weekly newsletter to our extensive mailing list, and also be featured on our website for the duration of the exhibition.  At the end of the show, your exhibition will be archived into our LoopHole history for future reference.

    Loop is a multimedia venue. Projector screens are located in the main room, as well as sound and other audio-visual equipment. This can all be incorporated into your exhibition if required.

    Submit a Proposal

    LoopHole welcomes solo or group shows.

    Proposals should include:
    – Description of exhibition/showcase
    – Brief artist history
    – Up to 6 images of the work


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