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‘In words, on paper and marble before that’ (2018) is a digital collage using appropriated footage, scanned collages and gameplay screen capture. Narrative expectations are subverted as seemingly still images linger on screen.

Pixilation and ‘glitches’ are usually unintentional reveals of the material and structure of the digital but here are embraced as painterly gestures and contrast the solid colour fields and digital voids that loom behind every action. Fragmentary Old Hollywood female protagonists appear throughout the work; recontextualised figures questioning traditional female archetypes within Western filmmaking.

The viewer is invited to become a detective, investigating these fragmentary elements seeking truth or meaning. Layers of paper and texture, of black and white footage with colour footage, subtitles from an unheard conversation, ever present water, digital landscapes and real world photography merge creating suggested narrative as well as evoking and alluding to psychological states.

Artist Biography

Genevieve Pikó is a Melbourne based artist working predominantly in video installation, using appropriated footage to explore ideas of gender, memory, time and trauma. Pikó takes a painterly attitude to the digital, embracing the‘glitch’. Viewing television and film as a repository of collective memory, screening and looping is used to subvert narrative expectations, to symbolically represent mental fragmentation and decay.

Pikó completed her Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2015 for which she received the Vice-Chancellor List Award. She has shown works in galleries such as Blindside ARI, Kings ARI and c3 Contemporary Art Space.

Genevieve’s work can be found at http://genevievepiko.com.

‘In words, on paper and marble before that’ will be screened daily in LOOP’s theatrette at 5pm from 7-22 December.

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