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WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS is back to fire up Melbourne’s techno scene. After bringing some of the biggest internationals to town already, we reunite for a night of local sounds by Melbourne’s finest. FREE ENTRY

In a town once heralded worldwide for its enthusiastic embrace of the art form known as Techno, a fire has been burning, smoldering away. As the crowds are lured by the fluoro glow of the electro era, the coals in another fire have been poked and prodded and maintained by the crazed curators of a stuttering dream. These advocates and technocrats have tended flames under guises and banners; winding engines from distant eras to the tune of the techno standard. And now as the smoldering fires emit dampened glows the crews with their banners combine and unite and together work the bellows to feed the flames once more. We walk united and bear a standard that says we will survive this techno child, beyond the perversions of financial gain and crippling commercial strain. For one thing must be ensured, When the Smoke Clears… the drums roll on.

Line-up /// Ranjit Nijjer, Quale, Matt Radovich, Dave Pham, Tronikelesch (live)

Ranjit Nijjer: https://soundcloud.com/ranjit-nijjer
Quale: https://soundcloud.com/qual-1
Matt Radovich: https://soundcloud.com/mike-hunt
Tronikelesch: https://soundcloud.com/tronikelesch

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