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You’re in the city, you want to breeze around and not pay through the nose; you love techno, but don’t necessarily want your head blasted off, or rave to be reinvented, but some tasteful tunes delivered by a seasoned professional would do quite nicely thank you.

You want to be around some like-minded souls, not because you’re an exclusive wanker, but because it’s somehow warming in mid winter to share a laugh, a drink and a casual boogie with faces you recognize, or failing that, faces you’d like to remember beyond tonight. You like a comfortable lounge when you want one, and multiple rooms to hide away in. You’re fairly arts inclined, so you dig multi-media and the massive screen dedicated to first class live digital VJ’ing is kind of what you meant when you said it.

You’ve maybe been around forever and therefore are particularly excited at the prospect of SIMON SLIEKER laying down some wax, or DAVE PHAM waxing lyrical. Or maybe you’re a techno devotee and are well acquainted with what RANJIT NIJJER and QUALE are capable of, and you’ve been around a bit and wouldn’t mind being blown away by heavyweights of latter day techno DEAN BENSON and PWD.

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