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Screening twice at 6:00pm and 6:45pm, come see this wacky half hour romantic comedy / fantasy short film and series pilot, presented by Dingo Cross Films.
The world is a wonderful, exciting place through the eyes of a lovable train wreck, and her name is Bernadette ‘Bernie’ Brown. Her best friend is a talking dog called Bourke, her life revolves around her crazy co-workers at the Trickett Press magazine house.

Bernie just delivers the mail there for now, but has high hopes to be a successful artist, if only she could stop daydreaming and focus! But she gets lost every time the man of her dreams walks by: the perfect, the hunky, and somewhat dapper, Adam Hunter. Bernie dreams big; mannequins come to life, the office girls are ducks in disguise, the courier is a psychopathic killer… or maybe Bernie’s just had too much coffee again. Either way you’ll fall for her flights of fancy, into outer space and beyond!

What A Gun is an absurd comedy with a large helping of slapstick, and a pinch of ‘awww… that’s kinda nice’. Starring Genevieve Brock and Christian Heath. Written and directed by Cassie Dart.

A crowd funded film, What A Gun introduces the troppo world of Bernie Brown in anticipation of a new Aussie series Brown About Town. Read more about the show at the official page or contact us on facebook. What A Gun also features Brendan Parry Kaufmann, Constance Washington, Chloë Gavin, Christopher Welldon, Ezel Doruk, Lucy Norton, Tammi Vingerhoets and Tim Clarke. With an eclectic soundtrack by local musicians Amy Ganter, Antonio Sanciolo, Jacinta Caruana, Jarrod Kalyvas, Kristilee Ransley, Lore Burns, Mark Horpinitch, Neelan Gopal, Tim DowneyJon Asquith and Transvaal Diamond Syndicate. Previously known as FixedPoint, check out more films by producers Cassie Dart and Paul Puccio.

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