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But ah…what are you going to do when you finish studying? WE ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE is a six part web-series, following the post graduate lives of three bright eyed and hopeful acting students, Misty, Victoria and Bridget, who are all looking for an answer to that very question, that has become the bane of the collective’s existence.

The series explores the girls’ triumphs and mishaps as they all do what they can to ‘make it’ in one of the most fierce, challenging and competitive industries in the world, all the while dealing with the ups and downs of their very own, very real personal issues and relationships, as well as responding to the criticism of friends and family who believe that you can make a sustainable future out of something that isn’t a ‘real’ career!

This the start of a very bumpy and gruelling ride for Misty, Victoria and Bridget, full of long days, longer nights, laughter, tears and sacrifices, but the three of them are fully aware that only with passion and unshakeable self belief comes success.


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