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These two headliners need no introduction, they barely need their names on the flyer, as their presence is felt 100 miles away with every beat of their drums. Two world renowned producers, HEDONIX & AUTONOMECH are a part of the backbone that holds the Australian progressive & psychedelic scene upright.

Hedonix is a Sydney based Psytrance group consisting of Robert Dilley and Steven Zanuttini. Both of us are qualified sound engineers and long-time participants in the Australian psychedelic trance scene. We started the Hedonix project in 2001 with the intention of bringing a unique flavour to the world of psytrance and since then our highly original sound and versatility has seen us released on various record labels specialising in a diverse range of music such as Electric power pole, Cosmic Conspiracy and Vertigo as well as landing us bookings for live performances all over Australia, Japan, Europe, New Zealand and elsewhere. The style of our music ranges from early night time psychedelic minimal and dark progressive to funky, quirky, melodic morning madness with a classic goa influence. But we are primarily known and regarded for our early night sets which are described as chunky, groovy, intelligent, twisted and full of surprises.

One of Zenons most talented and original artists, Autonomech has spent the past decade developing his own unique approach to Psychedelic music. While reflecting the distinctive Zenon sound, his music is also a unique and original sound collage of organic fx, epic motives and creative synthesis. Seamlessly melding genres such as Trance, Jazz, Breaks, Dubstep, Glitch and many more, Autonomech focuses on a sound diverse and refreshingly experimental yet accessible and dance floor friendly. Autonomech has played his creations live at Australia’s best psychedelic music events and festivals such as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Cairns Winter Solstice, Earth Dance, Secret Sessions, Exodus and many more and following his soon to be released debut album “I/O”, will be set to move dance floors and minds around the globe. Autonomech. Autonomous Machine.

Supporting HEDONIX & AUTONOMECH are Melbourne’s greatest in self defining psychedelica… ISH’MIA, AZRIN, MEGAPIXEL & SHANTARAAM. Mostly new comers to the Unstable crew, but all solid acts that have already buried themselves deep with the psychedelic and progressive scene in Melbourne. Accompanied to the stage by our team of visual picasso’s, KYOGEN & NINJA.

Expect this night to take you on a journey you’ll never forget. Expect this night to leave your imagination bruised and battered. Expect this night to bring you closer to god (any), because you’ll need something to believe in after we’re finished with you.

Same Bat time, same bat channel. We’ll see you @ 10pm-Late @ Loop for a no frills “FREE” night of psychedelic mayhem.


Non-commercial and non-conformist music (keeping it underground!)

Incredible visuals from our superstar VJ’s

Full cocktail menu & great drink prices

2 x smoking areas

Separate lounge & dance floor spaces

If you are not yet a member of the UNSTABLE SOUNDS Facebook group, please follow the links below to keep up to date with our shenanigans

FB Group


Lots of love from us all. We hope to see you on the dance floor stomping all night, appreciating this gift to you all 🙂

From the Unstable crew



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