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Unstable presents…

PURIFIED & PRAISED! Let the darkness consume you! 


Please find that it is with a heavy heart that we will no longer be able to host SENSIENT on this particular night. Circumstances outside of our control have resulted in the removal of our headliner from this festive occasion. However the show must go on and we will still be offering the other fine top quality acts. Once again, we apologise deeply and will ensure to make it up by hosting Sensient later in the year.

So join AZRINBINAURALBLINKYPHOTO 5MEGAPIXELHARRY BLOTTER & IMPERFECT CIRCLE to the dancefloor for domination. All this accompanied by an amazing story board on the big screens brought to you by our mind bending VJ’s NINJA & HENK.D.

We’ll see you @ 10pm-Late @ Loop for a no frills “FREE” night of mayhem.


New comer to the Zenon Records label and having buried himself deep within the psychedelic and techno scene, Azrin has burst to the surface with his own fusion of the mind bending, deep, twisted, glitchy, psygressive! Having performed all around the world, Azrin breaks the mould with his everlasting energy, versatility and creativity behind the decks, showing the masses how deep the rabbit hole really goes! With many residencies, international shows and radio appearances, he has transformed into something more distinctive, separating him from the rest! Supporting psy-trance and techno greats such as: Shpongle, Fatali, Ritmo, Quantize, Protoculture, Zen Mechanics, Neelix, Liquid Soul, Growling Machines, Tsyoshi Suzuki, Vibrasphere, Timelock, Solar Fields, Wrecked Machines, Perfect Stranger, Pick, Tetrameth, Sensient, Henodix, D-Nox, Antix, Fiord, Chris Liebing, Monoloc, Perc, Tommy Four Seven, Oliver Lieb, Radio Slave, Khainz, and many more…


Binaural is the collaboration of Gary Neal (Psyboags) & Steven Herenyi (Skain) Both have been Dj’ing for the past 10 years and are friends that have played together in lineups & crews in the past, in mid 2000 they came together as ‘Phrase & Effect’ writing tunes with a distinct UK Hard dance flavour, 8 years on these two are now writing as Binaural not only bringing you a new phat progressive sound but a 100% live performance to boot with our first EP release comming out at the end of Janurary 2013 on Highly Evolved music label.


One of Melbourne’s most notable young producers and live performers, Blinky has gained a cult following with his lush productions and energetic live shows. With a live act comprised of his laptop, midi controller, and synths and his signature antics, Blinky has become a feature attraction of many events regularly playing the likes of Earthcore, Rainbow Serpent, Trance Energy, Kiss My Grass and more. In August 08 he released the “There’s A Jesus In My Nectarine EP”, the premier release on his imprint BeatGeek Records. The release received critical acclaim and along with his remix of Kultrun’s “Drift Away” his work has recieved support from the likes of Andy Moor, The Flash Brothers, Matt Rowan, Dumb Dan, Dubfire, Elke Kleijn, DJ Vibe, M.O.D.E. and even a look in from Armin Van Buuren as well as featuring heavily on the charts of some of the major download stores. Since then Blinky and the BeatGeek brand have gone from strength to strength.


Megapixel, aka Megumi, 24, DJ representative for Foolproof and budding Producer. Megumi started her musical journey at the age of five and has an extensive knowledge of music ranging from piano, guitar and the flute. In her teens, Megumi then discovered the world of psychedelic trance parties, fell in love with this unique style of music and found she could mix her hobby on the weekends with her passion of music and it was at this moment that megumi knew she wanted to experiment with electronic dance music, bought decks of her own and has never looked back. Since early 2008, Megumi has been a regular DJ in the perth outdoor psychedelic scene and is now currently based in Melbourne to continue her musical journey. A highlight was playing mainstage to a crowd of 1200 people at Earthdance Bencubbin WA 2009. Djing and also holding outdoor psytrance parties in perth since 2008, under BIGsmall Productions, Megumi is well known for her chunky and funky techno/electro sets and bangin psytrance sets making her the perfect DJ for any occasion. Megapixel will blow your mind with pure psychedelic brain candy, energetic beats, fresh and bangin sounds, combining deep melodies and power all the way through!


Universal sounds are the life line of Harry’s Existence. A true and undying love of the outdoors, quality music and festival culture, make up the main ethos behind Harry Blotter’s Sound. Acclaimed for his ability to deliver quality, crowd pleasing sets across whole spectrum of dance music, it was the harder edge scene that saw his talents the most. In that time holding down 8+ residencies, most for years on end. Techno, Progressive and Psy-Trance have become his love. Known to play mind melting Full On sets in the middle of the night, to beer raising chunky rolling Techno or Prog in the morning or afternoon. An unwavering love of new sounds keep his sets cutting edge, but also a vast knowledge of long forgotten gems and melodies keep them fun.


Originating from Tehran, Iran, Imperfect Circle spent many a time wandering around the gloabe, but eventually residing in Melbourne, Australia. Spending time in India, learning a bit of Tabla and Indian music. However, the most important thing that happened there was the introduction of the electronic music scene; more precisely, making and playing Psytrance in Goa.  Studying at the International College of Music in Malaysia, Imperfect circle studied Jazz music and production. after finding his way to Australia, he joined the Astral Lotus crew and got involved in outdoor events, played more music and produced even more. A name relatively new to Australia, but one that will remain in your mind after hearing his unforgettable sounds.

Non commercial and non conformist music (keeping it underground!)
Incredible visuals from our superstar VJ’s
Full cocktail menu & great drink prices
2 x smoking areas
Separate lounge & dance floor spaces
If you are not yet a member of the UNSTABLE SOUNDS Facebook group, please follow the links below to keep up to date with our shenanigans

FB Group: www.facebook.com/groups/unstablesounds
Website: www.unstablesounds.net

Lots of love from us all. We hope to see you on the dance floor stomping all night, appreciating this gift to you all


From the Unstable crew


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