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With the coming of time, things have to evolve and change direction. They mutate to survive! Like everything, sound too must grow and separate itself from the rest. Tonight will showcase two examples of mutated sound exploration! DJ HI-SHOCK is Techno! The owner of such labels as GYNOID AUDIO, ELEKTRAX RECORDINGS and more. His sound is a deep driving force within the industry the world around.

DEATH BLOOMS is a side project from your beloved Loki, a new sound that rests beneath the surface; eerie, dark and deep, everything you’ve been warned about.

Keeping the mood eerie banging and distorted, we welcome back VOLTA, N30C0RT3X, MATT RADOVICH & RANJIT NIJJER. Guided by the full artilery of HENK.D and NINJA’s unforgetable and mind bending visuals.Same Bat time, same bat channel. 10pm-Late @ LOOP for a no frills “FREE” night of mayhem.

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