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So I did it and…there was a something, like a flower, like a chrysanthemum in orange and yellow that was sort of spinning, spinning, and then it was like I was pushed from behind and I fell through the chrysanthemum into another place that didn’t seem like a state of mind, it seemed like another place. And what was going on in this place aside from the tastefully soffited indirect lighting, and the crawling geometric hallucinations along the domed walls, what was happening was that there were a lot of beings in there, what I call self-transforming machine elves. Sort of like jeweled basketballs all dribbling their way toward me. And if they’d had faces they would have been grinning, but they didn’t have faces. And they assured me that they loved me and they told me not to be amazed; not to give way to astonishment.”

—Terence McKenna, Alien Dreamtime

Tonight we give recognition to the man that some would call a cult leader, others would say is one of the greatest philosopher’s known to man – Terrance McKenna. Showing their respect, we welcome to the stage SOUNDWAVE from the 3rd Eye crew in Bryon, accompanied by industry leaders, INTERPULSE, JEKYLL, TEKDIFFEYE, GLACIAL, AZRIN, EARTHEOGEN, BELLATRIXX, BLUE-MD + more…!

So find yourself deep in contemplation and enter the world of Terence and explore your mind! Kicking off at 9pm and finish quite late. So get in to the LOOP early to save yourself a spot.

Unstable Sounds Sept Loop- Meyers Place

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