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Consciousness may be termed, simply, “the divine spark,” which enters into every form and phase of manifested life emanating from that one Eternal Power which materialists designate as “energy” and which Occultists, both Oriental and Occidental, best define as “Aum”, “God”, “The Absolute”, “The Divine Mind”.

Consciousness, therefore, enters into everything… is the life essence of everything!

Tonight we’ll show you what lingers within our conscious. With teachers such as PSPIRALIFE from the Zenon workshop. FORMATIONZ from the Kinematic Learning Centre, IKARO whom has traveled from his homeland Brazil to share us his journeys, and J-DUB whom has rode in on the Rainbow Serpent! Accompanied by Unstable regulars, ZIBELL, HARRY BLOTTER, AZRIN and WORLDS KALEID!

Unstable Sounds july-2015 Loop-Meyers Place

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