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Sur neighbourhood in Amed (Diyarbakir, Turkey) is being massively gentrified by the Turkish state; all of the Kurdish families have been removed. This film is about giving voice to the families who have suffered violence and a community which has been round up and weakened. Our experience in Sur / Alipasa was very real. We lived together with Alipa?a families during their last days in the neighbourhood, before they were sent off and their houses were demolished. We felt the sense of community, and that was the saddest thing to witness being destroyed. Everyone will miss their old home and their friends and neighbours. Everyone there was tired of journalists and the feeling that nothing really helped their hard situation. We want to make their voices be finally heard, so we can plant this seed of hope in their/our hearts

Nosotros audiovisuals is an association for audiovisual content development with focus on human rights and social revolution. We are Berta Hernández Torregrossa, journalist, and Daniel López Artiga, filmmaker. This film would be a step forward in the struggle for justice for Kurdish people.

It would also be an important achievement for Nosotros audiovisuals since this is our first film and we need to grow up and make our voice be heard. This is our first documentary; if it is successful, it would give us an opportunity to work on new ideas that we already have.

We are asking for your help to finalize our first film in order to be able to compete in film fests, so that the documentary will make a stronger impact. As yet, this project has been done thanks to the non-profit collaboration of a small team of kind people. This is a project we have put all of our energy and hope into and receiving good results would help us to start the next adventure with new energy.

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