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lockchain technology has generated a wave of hype in recent years surrounding its varied applications in the modern age. Perhaps most commonly known for cryptocurrency, the blockchain is believed to have the potential to create positive change on a global scale. But is it there yet?

In partnership with the Acadamy Xi, Blockchain for a Better World: Exploring the Revolutionary Potential of the Blockchain aims to answer the question of whether the blockchain is being used as a force of good and what needs to change before we can realise its full potential?

The event will begin with a 30 minute film The Blockchain and Us to unpack the technology behind the blockchain and dissect its possible applications. This will follow with a panel discussion led by industry experts and aims to delve into the nitty gritty details of where the blockchain currently sits.

While blockchain may have some ambitious objectives, it also has some major downfalls. What can be done to reduce the environmental impact caused by increasing power usage from blockchain startups such as bitcoin? These are just some of the thought provoking topics our panelists plan to sink their teeth into on the night.


Swiss Director Manuel Stagars focuses his short film The Blockchain and Us on the potential social and economic impacts of blockchain technology. Blockchain, the technology underlying the much talked about Bitcoin, has the potential to revolutionise the economic and social spheres. However, what lies for us as a society beyond the initial hype of Bitcoin, and how will Blockchain impact our digital future?

In The Blockchain and Us, Manuel Stagars conducts twenty conversations with experts across many fields, all regarding blockchain technology as a catalyst for change in our society. The film is not a ‘how to’ guide on Bitcoin, but rather an exploration into how our technological, social and economic realms will be intertwined in the future, and indeed, how they are already.

Stagars focuses his lens towards an accessible discussion about the potential impacts of technology on society as a whole – not just those who own Bitcoin. With interviews featuring experts in the form of cryptologists, consultants, authors, politicians and researchers, from all corners of the globe, the scope of the film also reflects the impact of blockchain – worldwide and in every field.


**This film has been exempt from classification and has no age restrictions

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