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Join Transitions Film Festival for a diverse selection of inspiring local and international shorts exploring the state of our world and the future we want. Films in this year’s shorts program engage with topics such as: women’s empowerment through skateboarding, how renewable energy can revolutionise cities, gender equality, the power of activism and more.

How To Power A City
14 min | Directed by Melanie La Rosa | USA / PUERTO RICO

Across the United States a white-hot revolution is taking place. Amidst near-daily headlines about climate change gloom, political gridlock, and hurricanes destroying entire electric grids, hope abides. Daring people from all walks of life lead the way to transition their city, home, or business to use electricity created by sun, wind, hydropower, and geothermal. Deeply rooted forces from politics to ignorance get in the way, but this diverse cast fight and prevails, and clean energy starts to become parts of U.S. towns and cities. Two “snapshots” show the stories from Las Vegas and Puerto Rico.

Alien and Alien
1 min | Directed by Mariusz Moscicki | USA

Alien visited Earth recently. He saw how people treat animals and each other. He got sick because of the air pollution and chemicals in food. He witnesses war, terrorism and death. Now because of ALL of that he can be compensated and law firm Alien and Alien is about to help him.

Reel Women Seen
7:48 min | Directed by Amanda Tapping | CANADA

Reel Women Seen tells the story of the realities faced by women in the film and TV industry yet simultaneously depicts the necessary, possible and achievable ways to transform them. The story is set in common TV backdrops – from a police procedural to a sitcom (complete with laugh track), to a medical drama, to a webisode series.

9 min | Directed by Charles Olsen | AUSTRALIA 

An environmental activist protesting a controversial mine comes up with a plan to be heard- but isn’t prepared for the consequences that follow. Hoax explores environmentalism versus capitalism and the right and wrong of activism and protest. It’s a locally-made film about a Newcastle local which addresses international issues with global consequences.

Amazonia Dammed
14:01 min | Directed by Ada Bodjolle | 

Amazonia Dammed tells the story of the Munduruku people’s urgent struggle to protect the heart of the Amazon against one of the largest mega-dam projects on earth. Through the director’s relationship with the community of Sawré Muybu, the film invites the audience to discover how these brave warriors of the modern day fight an impossible war of hope and joins its voice to the growing awareness of the need to preserve our planet’s remaining rainforests.

American Psychosis
14:43 min | Directed by Amanda Zackem | USA

Pulitzer-prize winning Journalist, Author and Activist Chris Hedges, discusses modern day consumerism, totalitarian corporate power and living in a culture dominated by pervasive illusion.

“If hope is something that you express through illusion, then it’s not hope, it’s fantasy.” -Chris Hedges

Get Used To It
20:18 min | Directed by Bemo Lundgren | SOUTH AFRICA

Oliver Perkovitch’s first street skateboarding sessions with Afghani kids in war-torn Kabul lead to the creation of Skateistan. If the disparity in treatment between boys and girls was extremely clear from the get-go, so was skateboarding’s power to shatter prejudice and expectations.

Women’s March
30 min | Directed by Mischa Hedges | USD

Women’s March is a story about democracy, human rights, and what it means to stand up for your values in America today. On January 21, 2017, hundreds of thousands of women marched on Washington, DC. That same day, hundreds of sister marches took place across the country and around the world.

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