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Welcome to the fourth Trans Melbourne Xprss. All aboard the monorail in stereo.
The TMX scale is one objective, one collective, and very selective in respect of all histories and branches of beats!
As always, our visual spectrum will be excited and humoured by that slickest artist, the very cheeky and witty Slippery Jim.

Last time we had the fabulous Owen Howells from the United Kingdom in on his successfull Melbourne tour.

How are we going to top this? We’re going back to grass roots and localism again, to shine a light on two very special guests who have a rep for bringing the beats like no-one else can in their individual slants of techno and house.

Our two guests – along with our stalwart residents Baby T, Bevin Campbell and Sarah Quill (otherwise known as hip-hop genius Aoi/Prince Mackerel) – exemplify where it’s at right now in Melbourne with the freshest of club techno.

– – – [ [ [ Guest #1: Nightwrk ] ] ] – – –

Jesse Sullivan aka Nightwrk has a long and prestiguous affair with electronic music. Formely successful hip-hop instrumentalist Suckafish P Jones, Jesse underwent a dancefloor mutation to get with the original dancefloor vibe. The result was super-villain/hero Nightwrk. With beats somewhere between a disco dervish and somewhere between a sweaty warehouse rave, but located at awesome, Nightwrk will remind you of where it’s at on the floor.

– – – [ [ [ Guest #2: Mish’chief ] ] ] – – –

Instinct Events madam Mish’chief blesses us with her fine presence and vibe to lush out Loop and make the world a better place with her feminine wiles and dope beats.
Undisputed disco queen of Melbourne, Marishka Cross‘s soundtrack sounds like James Bond themes at a Rainbow Serpent party. Every time she plays, she’s a guaranteed winner, and now she hits TMX decks for her first time. Soul sister extraordinaire and funk priestess.


So Yes, here we are again.

As always, TMX is free for the people, empowering and refreshing grass roots techno and localism, a warm place in the dead of winter late at night.


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