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The World and Us is a platform of works by independent artists creating within a variety
of art forms, cultures and countries.

While some of us have collaborated before in Spain and would love to recreate this type of actual ‘shared place shared time’ collaboration again, for this show we are trying a new way of collaborating online.
In this presentation we will use some different processes to individually make art without knowing the aimed outcome of the other artists. For the viewer it will give an insight into artists’ inner and outer visions of their worlds.

Entry $10

Christine Tyler                          Visual & Textile Artist (Hawaii)
Bhaskar Chowdhury                Sculpture, Artist (India)
Linda Cleary                             Writer, Poet, Installation Artist (UK & Egypt)
Danielle Miletic                        Creator (Australia)
Paul Walker                              Dancer (Australia)
Lara Thompson                        Dancer, Choreographer (Australia)
Karen Kerkhoven                     Choreographer, Dancer, Visual Artist (Australia)
Mo Hash                                    Writer, Playwright (Egypt & Australia)
Merri Hietala                             Visual Artist, Sculptor (Melbourne & Finland)

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