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The Vault is a monthly salon for creatively inclined folk (anyone with an interest in arts, design, music, film, writing, media etc) held at Loop.
This month’s discussion: 2012 Reflections and 2013 Aspirations

For our first 2013 event, let’s talk about our trials and triumphs from last year, and our ambitions for this year. Get that book published! Get a job that nurtures my creativity! Find a director of photography for my film project! Add a top publication to my writing CV! Promote myself better with social networking! Whatever it is, get it off your chest – and expect some sympathy, encouragement and perhaps some good advice or useful contacts from your fellow attendees.

About The Vault

The Vault is a monthly get-together for creatively inclined folk held at Loop on the last Monday of the month. Our aim is to gather together creative people – be they artists, writers, musicians, media, marketers, entrepreneurs (etc) – who can meet each other in a friendly, convivial atmosphere to share and generate ideas.

For information contact vaultmelbourne@gmail.com or Nick Wilson: 0403 920 908

You can also find us on Facebook: Vault Melbourne or Twitter: @VaultMelbourne

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