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“The Snapshort Project is an online social video experiment that invites anyone to create and capture meaning in the small seconds of their day that might otherwise slip away unnoticed. For the past month, we have been calling for anyone with a cameraphone to film a maximum of 30 seconds of their day under the themes of either “morning”, “afternoon” and “evening” and submit to our team through social media.

Organised entirely by a group of second and third year RMIT Media students, the project aims to see what happens when people find a spare 30 seconds in their day to find the beauty in the seemingly ordinary tasks of everyday life.

This event will be an opportunity for these dubbed “Snapshorters” to get together and view their creations together, as we will be editing all of the Snapshorts together into one, community-made short film.

For more information about the project and on how to get involved, please see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thesnapshortproject

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