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Imperial Conquest Industries is proud to present Legio-Centurion Film’s latest production, The Longest Road starring Jessica McGinness-Whyte and Tim Addicoat. A modern marital drama, Ava (McGinness-Whyte) is a high-profile working woman married to hard-working businessman, Zachary (Addicoat). Exploring the issues of trust and infidelity, Ava comes to believe Zachary is cheating and confronts him. The film delves into Ava’s own sense of loneliness and betrayal, and her fantastical reaction to his avoidance.

Directed by Mark P Sinozic, this is the director’s fourth independent short film. Mark has spent the last couple of years working in the thriller and horror genres, with previous works screened at Trash-o-rama and the West Side Shorts film festivals. He has enjoyed this departure to a more grounded, human story.  Actress, Jessica McGinness-Whyte spent 2012 working in the U.S.A. on films that include G.B.F, Between the Miles, and The Prop is the Girl, and is thrilled to be back, starring in this Australian production. Tim Addicoat joins the cast with a strong background in theatre, and off the back of another recent short film Jack and the Box.


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