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Star Wars isn’t the only thing coming to screens on December 18th, as more Melbournian focused eyes will centre on the premiere of ‘The Happiness Curve’. A local comedy webseries, ‘The Happiness Curve’ will screen that Friday at 7.30pm.

The series is shot around Melbourne and keen eyes will spot many locations throughout Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs, as the collective efforts of many locals has seen this project come to fruition.

The Happiness Curve shares its name with the sociological principle that the levels of happiness and contentment we feel in our mid-twenties will not be reached again until older age, forming a u-shaped curve on a graph.

The series focuses on the main protagonists in their mid-twenties, grappling with these ideas of pessimism and uncertainty of the future, ideas quietly hiding under a thin crust of witty puns and ridiculousness. Imagine a meat pie of emotions. Not a quiche, that’s a metaphor for another day, this series is strictly a meat pie.

The Happiness Curve will be made available to all to see online after December 18th, but for the first look at the best scripted comedy local talent, the premiere at Loop will surely outrank viewing any wars between stars or whatever it is that film is about anyway.


The Happiness Curve Loop- Meyers Place

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