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Cinemaniacs and Spectacular Optical present:
Where you don’t pay to get in. You pay to get OUT!

It’s free to get in – but ESCAPE starts at $15 and goes down $1 for every hour you stay! Or stay for the whole 6 hours and it’s only $5! Arrive anytime during the show!

Six brain-numbing, butt-numbing hours of TV Christmas trash at its finest!
It’s a top-secret lineup of retro Christmas TV Specials, with vintage commercials, music videos, PSAs, mashups and other random holiday stupidity! Come hear Dorothy make a herpes joke in the GOLDEN GIRLS Christmas Special! Cover your ears as the Dallas Cowboys try to sing a Christmas song! Discover Seattle public access hero Vern Fonk!

Xmas Comedy! Xmas Weepies! Xmas Musicals! Xmas Horror! Xmas cartoons! Xmas Sci-fi! All this and more ONLY at the Christmas Trash TV Marathon, curated by visiting programmer Kier-La Janisse!

– You can come in at any time through the marathon
– Your time of entry will be written on your hand when you come in, and the hours you stay will be counted down from that.
– This event is all-ages, although the venue might not be!
– Bathroom breaks are allowed – but to go outside for any reason you must either pay up, or be handcuffed by one of our Cinemaniacs deputies who will accompany you!

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