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The Art of Bullshit is an entertaining evening of impromptu presentations and pitches. Each presenter learns their talk topic mere moments before they’re due to speak. It’s like Toastmasters, except it’s not.

Traditional speaker improvement methods require you to know your material, practice, and get better at communicating. The Art of Bullshit throws caution to the wind, and concentrates on building your resilience and adaptability.

The best part of this approach is that it’s a very safe space to fail, and we learn best when we fail. Frog in your throat? Cat got your tongue? No problems; blame the fact you were put on the spot. 20:20 hindsight given you the best retort or pun 20 minutes too late? Lock it away for next time.

Come along and watch the show. You don’t have to speak, the evenings will be better with a fuller audience. Those who do speak will have the chance to play a game of Slideshow Karaoke or Pitch.

Slideshow Karaoke: it’s your turn; you approach the front of the room as the MC introduces you. You’re handed a laser pointer, click next, and off you go. Until this very moment, you’ve had no idea what you’ll be talking about. It could be a financial report, an educational training session, or a sales presentation espousing the benefits of your company’s ball-point pens.

Pitch: it’s your turn; you approach the front of the room. In front of you are two decks of cards. The audience are your venture capitalists. You introduce yourself, and explain that you’ll be pitching your new business idea. You pick a card from blue pile, and one from the red, turn them over, and announce that your business idea is … “like Twitter for house cats.”



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