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TAMO JUNTO Brazilian Party is a place where talking about work, love, politicians, annoying neighbours’ noisy complaints, not enough sleep, drinks or good music is longer acceptable… and we do make this possible by the top artists selection who will do it all for you!!! In a very pleasant way!

***Sedgwick (Potatoheadz)***

Sedgwick co-runs Potatoheadz which releases DIY house trax on cassette. He can flip patties with one hand while slinging discs with the other. His friends think he is a friendly dude who is always up for a chat about making music, men’s haircare or the price of ciggies in South-East Asia

***MAXX R.****

When Max arrived in Australia from Sao Paulo, Brazil and now he has already became one of the main Brazilians DJ’s in town after his remarkable performances in most events of its genre. Playing from popular Brazilian music such as Tim Maia, Jorge Ben and many more, Maxx covers from the classic, old school, underground and funk to the hip hop.

VJ by:
***Rhys Newling ***
“Rhys Newling uses footage he has collected over the last 10 years along side some sound reactive animations to create a interactive visual show that is controlled live.

This year he has worked with Now here this, Forign Brothers, 30/70 COLLECTIVE, The Cactus Chanel, Hope Street Recordings, Tetrahedra and an epic resedency with the ZEITGEIST FREEDOM ENERGY EXCHANGE.”




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