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An independently produced animated tale, in a classic fairy tale style, which shows us the difference we can make to the world, through story telling.

The Tale Teller- Also released on https://www.youtube.com/user/DrawWithJazza

An old traveling storyteller enters a city with nothing to his name but the stories he has spent his life gathering, which he wishes to pass on before he dies.

‘The Tale-Teller’ is an ambitious animated short, 8 minutes in length, which follows the journey of an old traveling storyteller and how his legacy is not only in the precious tales he shares with others to help them with their problems, but in the tale of his own life. It is a story presented in a visual style akin to Disney/Pixar aesthetically, in a 2D animated format. It is narrated throughout by an original poem “The Tale Teller”, which incorporates rhythm and rhyme in creative ways, and is accompanied by an original and exciting musical score. Funded by Google and Screen Australia, the piece was written, composed and animated by Jazza and it has been brought to life by a very small team.

About Jazza:
Jazza is an artist, animator, social media personality, author, and television presenter. He is the face, as well as the creative mind, behind the YouTube channel ‘Draw With Jazza’ which currently has over 650,000 subscribers and over 40 million video views and is growing at a rate of over 40,000 subscribers per month. A visual artist, animator and musician, Jazza wrote the poem, originated the concept, composed and performed the music, drew the characters and animated the piece.

Greg Bartlett is a talented artist whose love of creating beautiful worlds though landscape, shines through in this piece. He brought to life the world of The Tale Teller through his stunning environment art. Details such as the way light falls on the cloud in the sky, really make his work incredibly special.

Toby Ricketts is a world class voice actor with the patience of a saint. He voiced the entire piece, moving seamlessly through the different characters voices with delightful energy. His versatility, acting ability and quality of vocal tone, transforms each character into a tangible living person.

Matthew Westwood is a classically trained and versatile musician, who captures listeners, throughout The Tale Teller, with his ability on the violin. Matthew both notated the entire score and played violin alongside the synthesized instruments. The genuine sound of his playing lifts the musical score to another level through authenticity and musicality.

ScreenAus_Jazza_ Loop- Meyers Place

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