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Syzygy is an experimental audio-visual event series that sits somewhere between a club and gallery installation.

DJs and producers are invited to play without any kind of restriction or expectation. It is an environment where it is encouraged to test and explore, and an opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth that electronic music offers, that might not ordinarily be experienced.

Fused with this is a strong emphasis on visuals, video artists and VJs perform alongside. Allowing the music and setting to reframe and influence their work and to create an intense sensory environment.



Jani is an ideal example of what Syzygy is all about. Hailing from Berlin and with a photographic practice that takes her to some of the most exotic places on the planet; the quality, mood and texture of her images are reflected in her sets.

Moving effortlessly between light and shade, Jani proves herself as an accomplished DJ who covers techno, house and anything in between.

Syzygy is proud to present her and are looking forward to seeing where this visual musical journey will lead.


Technich’s style is influenced by his experience as a music producer, with a strong passion for sound as an art form, and a desire to express narrative through music. Each set is designed to paint a picture and encourage a journey.

He has been DJing in Melbourne for the last three years. He recently had the privilege of doing a warm up for headliner act Henry Saiz, and has supported the likes of Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Marc Marzenit, Apparat, Ame, Guy Mantzur, DOP, Joe Brunning, and many more.
In 2016 he performed a live guest mix on Rob Zile’s Brainfood on KISS.fm

Brody X


Brody started painting on the streets when he was 17 and from there grew a passion to create and explore the realm of painting outside. With the walls of Melbourne city as his canvas he works predominately in the medium of painting and more recently with the moving image, projecting video and experimenting with digital soundscapes.
Incorporating stop motion animation and live action footage, his recent video work depicts movement through space and time, playing with light and transitions shifting between the quiet and the turbulent.
In the last year his projections have been displayed The Food Court ARI, The Space Agency HQ, The Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Village festival and Loop project space & bar.
Brody completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian Collage of the Arts in 2014, having three major group shows and his first solo show at The Food Court ARI in 2015. His second solo exhibition was at the Space Agency HQ in 2016, where he produced several site-specific installations.

8 – 8.30 – Brody X

8.30 – 10.30 – Technich

10.30 – 12 – Jani


Peter Nielson


Peter has spent the best part of his waking life immersed in the world of conjuring and delivering artistic events that extend and challenge audiences and practitioners alike. From studio spaces to sporting arenas, Peter has collaborated on events ranging from Olympic Ceremonies to Shopping town holiday shows.
Sometimes a performer, a technician, a designer, a director or producer, Peter is a passionate artist and crafter of narrative, teller of stories on grand or intimate stages for the audiences found on, in-front of and around them.

Imogen Henry


Imogen is a visual artist and VJ whose work exists in the imagination of a morbid child-oracle, with a predilection for electronic music. With video and animation as her dominant medium she creates surreal environments fuelled by the thrill of technological threats, nightmarish nostalgia and visions of a joyously dystopian future.
An award winning graduate from the VCA in 2014, she has had work shown in The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, White Night, The Chin Chin Wall of Art, the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, The Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Kong and Little Creatures.
Imogen has also projected visuals as part of live music events at Loop, Boney, The Evelyn Hotel and Sun Moth Canteen. She has worked on projects for the BBC (Eurovision), Henry Saiz, The Melbourne Fringe Festival and Nike.

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