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Syzygy is an experimental audiovisual event series that sits somewhere between a club and gallery installation.
DJs and producers are invited to play without any kind of restriction or expectation. It is an environment where it is encouraged to test and explore, and an opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth that electronic music offers, that might not ordinarily be experienced.
Fused with this is a strong emphasis on visuals, video artists and VJs perform alongside. Allowing the music and setting to reframe and influence their work and to create an intense sensory environment.

DJ Mum
A once jazz instrumentalist, DJ Mum’s pallet is rhythmically refined – leaning towards obscure blends of half-step, drum and bass and old-school jungle, combined with experimental aspects of electronic music. Mum’s key mission is to nurture her crowd toward pure, uncensored dance floor expression. Getting plenty of practice behind the booth at Houses in Motion, Plastic Dreams, No Standing and Local Knowledge, she has also been handpicked to spin alongside the likes of DJ Slyngshot, Andy Garvey, Rudolf C and Turner Street Sound as of late.

Jason Haggerty
Recently making the pilgrimage from the Gold Coast to Melbourne, Jason has been working with real-time media media interactive performance and installations. Additionally, he has travelled across Australia playing at some of the best and most bizarre festivals as a VJ, primarily for psytrance and glitch.
Over the past two months Haggerty has been building a new set exploring an amalgamation of sci-fi and psychedelia. The result is a journey into vibrant particle clusters and audio-responsive mechanical contraptions.

Technich’s vision and drive for exploring the more obscure and conceptual aspects of electronic music has been the major inspiration for the event series Syzygy.
He is not afraid to venture down some strange musical paths on his search for meaning and has garnered a reputation in the local scene for his ability in finding (and courage in playing) some seriously weird tracks.
Critical of much of societies civilising processes, he views music as a cultural antidote to false niceties. With this in mind he is unafraid to completely disrupt expectations, and at times even shock audiences.

Imogen Henry
Imogen Henry is a visual artist and VJ who has developed a somewhat lurid yet hypnotic and sensual body of work with influences spanning psychology, philosophy, mythological, science-fiction, fantasy, erotica and technology.
She has shown work in The National Portrait Gallery of Australia, White Night, the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, the George Paton Gallery, Brunswick Street Gallery and The Gertrude Street Projection Festival.
Imogen has mixed visuals live as part music events at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Melbourne Music Week and Boney. She has worked on projects for the BBC (Eurovision), The Melbourne Fringe Festival and Nike.

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