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Most people reach a point in their adolescence where they think they have something to prove, and being tough is how to prove it. Films that follow these themes often work both as cautionary tales about how in the end it is following rules that is the “cool” thing to do, and excuses for teenagers to fawn over twenty-something actors playing dress-up as kids their age. Let’s relive those years!

Our group will watch trailers to several cult movies that follow the above theme. Then, as a group we will vote on which film we want to watch that night.

The cover charge for this event is a donation to cover the costs of running this Meetup group (recommended minimum $5). Any excess for each 6-month period will be donated to Rise Refugee, a refugee-run advocacy group based in Melbourne. Also, please support our lovely venue by buying a drink or two – trust me, you’ll probably need one to get through the film anyway…

We are currently raising money for the next 6-month period and the sooner we meet the Meetup dues cost, the more money we can raise for the Rise Refugee! Please give generously. 🙂

Want to know which films we’ve seen so far? Here is a link to see which films were on offer each month and which films were chosen!



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