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Nora is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, researcher and educator, and President of the International Bateson Institute in Sweden.

“Stretching Edges” by Nora Bateson Film Screening & Q&A Session

Nora Bateson invites and advocates suppleness of perception, rigour of mind and depth of feeling. Moved by an awareness of justice awareness, the embrace of paradox and life’s rich questions, she embodies that rarity, a truly free thinker also fully engaged with the fates of all.”

~ Jane Hirshfield, Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and author of ‘Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World’.

“Nora Bateson is taking what we think of as systems theory to a whole new and intrinsically human level.“

~ Douglas Rushkoff, Media Theorist and author of ‘Team Human’, ‘Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus’ and ‘Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now’.

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