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12 August 2022 9:00 pm

SLOW GRIND FEVER steps once more into the lurid purple neon world of the 1980s with SLOW GRIND 80s #8 at LOOP BAR

Don your hottest 80s look and enter the dark, smoke filled nightclub of your dreams, where Richie1250, DJ Friday (Headhunters, PBSFM), Jeremy Spellacey (Crown Ruler, Soundway) and Lady Love Potion throb the crowd with slow grinding R&B, druggy disco, ad*lts-only AOR, nymphomantic new-wave, and other yet-to-be-named-but-hot-as-hell strands of sultry ’77-’93 club music. To top it off we’ll spice the night with special live performances from local icons DON’T THANK ME, SPANK ME and CONG JOSIE.

w/ DJs Richie1250, DJ Friday, Jeremy Spellacey and Lady Love Potion plus special LIVE appearances from DON’T THANK ME, SPANK ME and CONG JOSIE
Friday Aug 12th @ Bar Open
9pm-3am, $15 on the door (no presales)
– There will be a smoke machine going all night and it will get very smokey. The smoke is non-toxic but if you ain’t into smoke machines this might not be the party for you…

– The dancefloor at Slow Grind is for dancing. If you need to use your phone, please do it over by the bar or go outside and get some fresh air. (We don’t mind you taking a quick photo or video to post up later on, but standing in the middle of the dancefloor looking down at your phone is poor Slow Grind etiquette)
– Slow Grind is not specifically a partnered dancing event. Some people dance with a partner, some with a group of friends, some alone with their eyes closed. You can do it how you wanna.

– The vibe of the night is very hazy and sultry, but the vibe is also about having good manners. Don’t be all up in someone’s personal space if they aren’t inviting you.

– To avoid random late night drunks who may not understand this, we stop letting new people in at 2:00. If you are going to turn up after 2:00, the password to get in is PRINCE ROGERS NELSON

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