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MGA productions is proud to present our new year party. But new years is over you say? No it’s not, there’s still plenty of time to celebrate!
“Shin nen kai ” means new year party in Japanese and this party will be a great chance to warm into 2015 and catch up with crew before things get too busy!

Gracing the stage for your audio and visual pleasure is Diagram. After VJing in Japan from 2003-11 and supporting such artists as Daft Punk, DJ Krush, Flying Lotus and Kode 9, Diagram’s latest incarnation brings a full multimedia experience combining electronica, bass music, cloud trap and custom made motion graphics.


Also hitting the stage will be MGA residents DJ CONi and DJ Seiji. Coni started out in Nagoya, Japan and refined his DJ style there until 2012, after that he moved to Tokyo and went onto play some of the more reputable clubs such as Ageha, Asia and Vision. He made Melbourne his base in 2013 and is known for his thinking out of the box style and will be spinning minimal techno and deep house.



DJ Seiji first started as a bass player/vocalist in bands in the late 90’s in the Osaka bass music scene and moved onto DJing drum and bass in 2009.

He first played Liquid, minimal jungle and dubstep, but plays across the board and is an all round player.

DJ Seiji is currently based in Australia and is playing shows mostly in Melbourne.

4 kicks is the brainchild of CONi and Seiji. They come from different backgrounds but both are motivated by bringing some fun to the dance floor. They create a space and scene by adopting the various ethnic sounds of House music. Their greatness or limit is yet known. Stay tuned!!

Entry is free and things start to heat up at 10 so get down early for some Friday night fun.


shinnenkai_ Loop- Meyers Place


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