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Visual/Music Screenings: Eve Ducan/ Sin Hayes, Graeme James/Le Tuan/Ros Bandt, David Ward Steinman, Anthony Hagen, Barry Brown/Irene Probesting
Live Performance: Carte Blanche, Brigid Burke (Bass Clarinet, Audio – Laptop & live video projections), Ros Bandt (tarhu bowed spiked fiddle, recorder, confetti, music box sound sculpture and visual design)

The SeenSound: Visual/Music series provides a space for the presentation of short visual/music works. Visual/Music series commenced in 2011, curated by Melbourne-based audio-visual artist Brigid Burke, and is proudly supported by Loop.

Many thanks for all the submissions from Brigid Burke and Mark Perderson

Email info@seensound.com web http//:seensound.com

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