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Race and Hollywood have always regarded each other gingerly. By which I mean, Hollywood has enjoyed engaging in blatant stereotyping of racial minorities and said minorities are creeped out by them. This month will be a celebration(?) of how far we’ve come(?) and how far we have yet to go in treating each other with dignity and respect! Don’t worry, though, the films I’ve chosen are quite light-hearted.

Our group will watch trailers to several cult movies that follow the above theme. Then, as a group we will vote on which film we want to watch that night.
The cover charge for this event is a donation to cover the costs of running this Meetup group (recommended minimum $5). Any excess for each 6-month period will be donated to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Also, please support our lovely venue by buying a drink or two – trust me, you’ll probably need one to get through the film anyway…

Secret Screening Saturday Loop-Meyers Place

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