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Consider this month’s theme a pick-me-up for those of us who are returning to their studies. Movies about school-age students are a great opportunity for us to relive our angst years – and I know how much we all miss them. Sometimes being the odd one out can be hard, but with perseverance and maybe a little magic, we can find our place in the pecking order and maybe even turn out okay!

Our little group will watch trailers to several cult movies that follow the above theme. Then, as a group we will vote on which film we want to watch that night. Depending on demand, these nights may be either a single or double screening!

The cover charge for this event is a donation to cover the costs of running this Meetup group. Any excess for each 6-month period will be donated to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. Also, please support our lovely venue by buying a drink or two – trust me, you’ll probably need one to get through the film anyway…

For our first Secret Screening Saturday we raised approximately half of the costs to run this group. If we keep this up we’ll be able to raise several hundred dollars for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre every six months!

Surprise Screenings Saturday Surprise Screenings Saturday Loop-Meyers Place

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