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Resonance is back at Loop for the second Brain Shaker Party!

July is cold and nasty in Melbourne so you’ll need to warm up!

From tech house to Techno you will travel and lose you mind with our music!

Get your ears prepared and…

Go insane with Kevin Faxt ( and his strong techno )
Go crazy with Dusty Kirk ( back with us & first Brain Shakers )
Go mental with Valerio Sinatra ( from Versus crew, playing for the first time with Resonance you’ll discover his awesome techno world )
Go mad with Signal Loop ( for the first time with Resonance he promises you a nice techno moment )

Get your eyes prepared …

Diego ( PaLight ) is back to perform with us, his visual/mapping artwork will make you travel far away …

Get your brain prepared !

FREE Techno music, ALL night long.







Brain Shakers 2 Loop- Meyers Place

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