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On the last Saturday of October we, Rebel Collective are going to be launching our united vision and throw somewhat of a party at Loop, to share good soulful local music.

We’ve invited some solid local producers and djs to join us and move the dance floor with sonic energies, and also hands on deck to provide visual treats.

We are stoked to be able to introduce:

– Marcus Holder ( https://soundcloud.com/marcusholder )
– Skwid ( https://soundcloud.com/skwidfingaz )
– Eartheogen ( https://soundcloud.com/eartheogen )
– Monkey Paws (https://soundcloud.com/monkey_paws18 )
– Aleckat. ( https://soundcloud.com/aleckat-official)
– Xenoscapes ( https://m.soundcloud.com/xenoscapes)

who are joining up to tantalise our noise receptors with music from each of their diverse tastes in House, Techno, Progressive and Psychedelic Trance….

Entry is always FREE & the fun kicks off at 9pm Saturday, and will probably roll on well into Sunday morning so come and join us drinking cold ones and listening to some rad tunes in the killer space that is Loop.

Rebel Bass Loop- Meyers Place

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