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Proteus, the shape shifting sea god. His preferred physical form is that of a shamanic, enlightened porpoise mystic. His sonic persona takes on many forms, often expressing itself through a gradual progression across the course of an evening. Like a puppet master, Proteus manipulates the minds of various souls, twisting their collective ideoligies into an ever-changing, always elevating slice of musical pie.

Occasionally, mortals are allowed to witness this manifestation. Your next and perhaps only chance to catch this phenomena is the night of the full moon, May 21, 2016.


Sonic Manifestations:

Ooze Chug Tech, Tibal Whomp, Psockedelic beats, Honeycomb crunch


Line Up:

Miza – https://soundcloud.com/miza-3

Tim Tyler – https://soundcloud.com/timemachine

Sapien – https://soundcloud.com/sapiensoundtrack

Field of Foxes – https://soundcloud.com/liam-waller/sets/field-of-foxes

Odd Sock – https://soundcloud.com/oddsock-1

Visuals by Shinythings

Proteus Loop- Meyers Place

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