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As the year 2013 draws to a close and we reflect upon the year we have had, we surround ourselves with those we hold dearly, reminisce about the good times (and the bad) whilst looking towards the coming year with the wide eyed positivity and wild imagination of a child.
Momentarily it’s quite wonderful…. Then BAM, every shop you enter exhumes every remaining glint of positivity out through a carol-laden ride into Scrooge’s bah humbug mentality. This my friends, is where we discover the true meaning of Christmas… sipping on your beverage of choice whilst flailing ones arms over-enthusiastically and flushing out your poor carol-effected ears with the finest of tunes provided by some of Melbourne’s best… i.e. IT’S PROGNOSIS TIME.

And what a special treat we have for you. One of Australia’s most loved and highly regarded tune experts (plus Murphy’s favourite DJ of all time), Dave Pham is set to grace the Prognosis stage for the first (and long overdue) time. Listing his auditory achievements and dancefloor conquests would take us until at least next Christmas so let us just say this… Dave Pham is about as good as it gets… anywhere. The music speaks for itself… it’s Pretty Simple really.

Also making his Prognosis debut is long time dancefloor warrior and tune encyclopaedia Brynley Cullen. As the host of Doesn’t Matter with his crew of merry men, Cullen is a true advocate of all that is musically mindblowing and will fit right in with the audiophiles at Prognosis. The next two local heroes need no introduction and are regular fixtures on the Loop stage. Mish’Chief is back to lay down her signature staunch techno, delivered with delightful devastation that we all love so much whilst Herc Kass returns to settle unfinished business with the dancefloor he has captivated on numerous occasions.

With Captain J-Slyde on shore leave to Europe for a few weeks, Simon Murphy and Aaron Static round out the lineup and are under strict instructions to maximise shenanigans whilst delivering their blend of chromatic Christmas calamity. With vdmo Kstati on visuals, regulars that throw shapes on the dancefloor that would make even Kris Kringle blush, more techno than you could poke a reindeer at and a year’s worth of memories to cheers to, expect a BIG one.

:::: LINEUP:

Dave Pham
Herc Kasshttps://soundcloud.com/herc-kass
Brynley Cullen – https://soundcloud.com/brynleycullen
Simon Murphyhttp://soundcloud.com/simon-murphy
Aaron Statichttp://soundcloud.com/aaronstatic


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