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Dedicated to the Progressive sounds of EDM, Prognosis plays home to the finest DJs, Producers and Visual artists Melbourne has to offer. Offering up a smorgasbord of quality electronic sounds, Prognosis not only concentrates on the Progressive realm of electronic music, but also delves deep into a variety of other related genre’s. Making for a fool-proof recipe what’s guaranteed is quality electronic music, world renowned DJs, eye opening visuals and a fantastically friendly crowd.

For some, winter is a time to sit at home, eat comfort food and hide away from the world in a seasonal depression that seems somewhat difficult to shake. Thankfully the good (albeit wicked) folk down at Prognosis are here to sweep aside the sooks and keep the dancefloor swinging. Once again we’ve declared ‘no rest for the wicked’ as the enlightened merry masses shall spend their night huddled around glowing speaker stacks blasting aural delicacies to feed the soul and
warm the cockles.

For the next edition of Prognosis, one of Australia’s most prolific and inspiring labels and party programmers (plus a favourite label of Simon Murphy, J-Slyde & vdmo Kstati), Open Records, lends us two of their most talented beat masters. Hailing from sunny Cairns, FunkForm is the first on board to give us a glimpse of why he is one of the most in demand producers and remixers in Australia. His meteoric rise to global domination is a testament to his creative determination and skill. You would have heard his tracks played at Prognosis on more than a few occasions, now it’s his turn to deliver them on a platter for the local devotees.

Up next is local lad and Open Records star Rhythm Nectar whose phonical adventures have led him on a journey paved with deep melancholic tech house and rolling progressive techno. A sound that will no doubt gel instantly with the Prognosis massive, this is a set that you should be excited about. Back for another trip deeeeep into the vaults of a musical aficionado, Thomm Brooke is once again primed for some aural pleasure. With a blossoming foray into production and an eclectic taste that is second to none, this will be another fine display from Thomm.

The three stooges, Herc Kass, J-Slyde & Aaron Static, round out the DJ lineup and connect the dots between the highly talented guests this month. Their musical stylings are amongst the best in Australia and they continue to prove this at each step up on the stage. With world class visuals provided by vdmo Kstati (who also represents Open Records, Australia wide) this night will be up there with the best. Don’t be a winter stay at home sooky la, do your feet a favour and let them dance.


Funkform (QLD / Open Recordings)
Rhythm Nectar (Open Recordings)
Herc Kass (friskyRadio)
Thomm Brooke
Aaron Static


VISUALS: vdmo Kstati





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