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Design presents itself as a form of activism and resistance to tackle the worlds environmental, urban and social crises. Melbourne, full of architectural culture; innovative thinkers, collaborators and educators, is ripe with activist intent and examples of success.

Catalysed by the recent conference Collective Agency that has fuelled conversations around our willingness to act, the theme Activist Excerpts intends to further explore the capacity of architects to affect change whilst navigating the implications action has on our personal identity and architectural practice.

PROCESS has invited 4 speakers to share their own practice of activism and how their aspirations for the profession and practice of architecture. Join us on August 5 to hear local examples of how exactly architects and allied professions are exercising their own activism and hear about what opportunities, structures and challenges they are facing.

Furphy Beer specials on the night: $5 Pot / $10 Pint.

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