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Process – Architect Forum

3 August 2022 6:30 pm

Process Architect Forum Loop Bar

The unbuilt has an uncanny way of revealing to us where we are as a society. It’s a clear statement of intent illustrating the things we value; representations of hopes, ambitions, and realities in a future focused world.

It is also a tool for development acceleration, a method of conducting architectural experiments vital to the ethos of a design studio, an incubator of thought and purpose, grounding enough to envision, yet bold enough to inspire gradual shifts towards. Image by image, pixel by pixel.

In a hyper-capitalist economy, is there space for the intentionally unbuilt? Works somewhat free from the scrutiny of commercial pressures. Is there a second life for the un/under -funded? That which has been deemed unviable.


Claudio Torres Salazar is an Architect from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and master’s in Environment from Melbourne University. For the past eight years, he has worked with distinguished design studios such as Teodoro Fernandez, Smiljan Radic, Sean Godsell and DCM. He is co-founder of Ephemeral Research, a collective dedicated to researching and designing nomad structures that activate public spaces with new technical solutions. Their work has been awarded by MCHAP and published by MoMA PS1 as part of the YAP (Young Architects Prize). His architectural background and environmental studies give him a unique view of the potential impacts of the built environment and the dialogue of performance with aesthetics to inform the design-making process. His research explores the integration of architects and engineers during the design process, which can be seen in his work as a constant exploration across different scales of projects and collaborations.

André Bonnice is a registered architect in the state of Victoria and co-director of Simulaa, an architecture practice based in Naarm, dedicated to both built commissions and speculative research projects.

Simulaa was shortlisted for the NGV Architecture Commission 2021, among 4 other shortlisted candidates selected from 104 competition submissions. Simulaa won the TAB2022 Installation Competition for the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in Estonia. A significant architecture festival addressing relevant issues to the profession and the city. Most recently, Simulaa won the 2022 AA Prize for Unbuilt Work for the project ‘Gas Stack’.

Andre’s professional experience consists of +15yrs experience in architectural practice at leading design practices in Melbourne and abroad. He also maintains strong links to academia as a ‘design studio leader’ in the architecture departments at the School of Architecture at RMIT, and at the Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne.

Lauren Garner is a registered architect working at Kerstin Thompson Architects and Studio Leader at RMIT University, where she received the inaugural Peter Corrigan Medal for her project, Civic Interruptions, a project investigating the civic futures of Arden Macauley, also 2021’s AA Unbuilt finalist.

She is a cofounder of a new urban design initiative, ExtraContextual (EXCX), alongside Paul Van Herk, Matthew Tibballs and Shereen Amin. EXCX were recently awarded the Fishermans Bend Innovation Challenge Ideas Prize for their project Data Flows. Their growing body of research, built and unbuilt works approach design by adding ‘extra’ context to a site beyond the physical and regulatory definitions of its boundaries and a linear idea of history. These strategies include unearthing lesser known narratives of place (cultural, ecological and technological), playing with the levers and aesthetics of development to do less with more, and drawing counterfactual timelines and fictional artefacts to suggest new identities and possible realities. EXCX recently delivered a temporary intervention in Fishermans Bend titled Shifting Sand, supported by the City of Port Phillip, and later this year will extend on the thematic of this project with an intervention in the City of Melbourne.

Lauren has also received recognition through a number of local and international competitions, including the Van Allen Institute Hour City (winner), NGV Design Challenge (finalist) and Premiers’ Design Awards.

Caleb Lee graduated with a Masters of Architecture from RMIT 2022 where he was awarded the Anne Butler Medal for his Major Project ‘Collision & Collusion’. He is also a two-time national winner of SONA Superstudio for the project ‘The Rinse Cycle’ & ‘Ceremonial Shards’, a conceptual design competition which explores speculative responses to a design brief.

Caleb has recently joined the team at Kosloff Architecture; he is interested in the things that account for the better part of our collective experience and how we can understand architectural narratives through filmic representation.

What can we learn from things not realised? What legacy does the intangible leaves behind?

Join PROCESS at LOOP Bar on Wednesday, August 3rd, as we speak to different architects, designers and urbanists about projects not yet realised, and the second life of ideas and speculations once dreamt of.

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