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This March PROCESS x Parlour present: FLEX. As a panel discussion we will interrogate the effects of flexibility in the architecture profession in recognition of International Women’s day. This is an issue that addresses benefits for all and the future of the profession.

Part-time work is still considered an obstacle to career progression and women occupy the majority of part-time roles or leave the industry if such arrangements are unavailable. The overwhelming lack of flexibility excludes many from the industry, so how might we precipitate equal career development opportunities for those seeking flexible hours?

How can firms change their team dynamics to allow for more flexibility? What are the challenges experienced by a flexible office and the team members who support flexible workers? How might we redefine flexibility in the workplace to dismantle unhealthy, yet contractual, employment expectations? How might shifting office culture catalyse a profession to better support the many different manifestations of the architectural worker throughout their working lives?

Join us on March 4 at Loop Bar to address these questions and many more.

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