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There is great value in looking back in order to move forward. This is especially true for the discipline
of Architecture. As the curatorial baton passes on once again, the time has come to take stock of the
process of PROCESS.

The monthly PROCESS talks held at Loop Bar have become a mainstay in the local sphere of architectural
discourse, debate and provocation. While this independent series requires little introduction it
would be remiss not to revisit the rich experiences, decisions and ideas that have helped in shaping
the current form of PROCESS.

How and why did PROCESS start? How has this public forum evolved over time, and in what ways has it
influenced our local architecture climate? What aspects of the PROCESS formula have made it such a
long-standing and successful platform for Victorian Architects, and how has it benefited from the diverse
range of curatorial inputs? And more broadly, the importance of independent forums in architectural
discussions and the tangible impacts of critical discourse will be a key question to be explored.

1602_PROCESS_A Retrospective Loop-Meyers Place

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