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PROCESS is back after the Easter holiday, on Monday April the 13th. This time, round, we will be examining…

FUTURES: Failed, hoped for and otherwise

A city’s identity is constantly in flux. What was once the accepted may very well change as the populations, social influences, and economic factors come into play. With all of this in mind, where is our city heading? Where was it heading, and why did it change?

How does the practice of architecture and the political landscape it sits within effect future trajectories?


This month, PROCESS examines the speculations and desires for a future Melbourne and the nature of future practice. We will also look at past futures – those schemes which didn’t quite make it from paper to real life, but are equally as important for understanding the ideas and values which shape our city today.


Jill Garner

Tom Morgan

Daniel Schulz

PROCESS Loop Meyers Place



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