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This month, PROCESS looks at a cross section of working profiles. Through the eyes of those in both small and large practice, we will examine different work arrangements, culture at the workplace, how things may change after children and how to wear multiple hats.

Stuart Harrison
Thihoa Gill
Kart Projects

Has the thought of anything outside architectural practice got you sweating like a gypsy with a mortgage?

As the cliché goes; long hours at the expense of other things are common amongst architects. But lets not flog the ‘architects work too much’ horse and recognise we all want a successful and meaningful career – and it’s all a bit of a balancing act. From the freshly hatched graduate to the seasoned professional, careers morph and priorities change as we choose our own adventures.

So is balance in an Architectural career about as useful as a hip pocket on a singlet?

How do you balance a successful career with… life?

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