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The Hotline
PLGRM opened a hotline for callers to leave their secrets and confessions to us anonymously. From forbidden desires to day-to-day frustrations, callers were able to abandon themselves of their burdens temporarily. Perhaps our deepest and darkest truths are what we have most in common…..


The Saints of St Kilda 
The infamous Gatwick Hotel casts a fearful shadow over the increasingly gentrified streets of Melbourne’s St Kilda. The doors of the ‘half-way house’ have been open since the 1950’s and it was from the age of 14 that sisters Rose and Yvette left school to work there full-time. The boarding home’s origins began with the sister’s mother – ‘Queen Vicky’. Queen Vicky was locally commended for her love and generosity, and her death was commemorated with a public funeral, which ran down a shut-off Fitzroy Street. The sister’s vowed to their mother that the Gatwick’s doors would remain open. With nearby property soaring well over the millions, and Melbourne’s ice epidemic spreading like wildfire, the Gatwick’s unashamed existence has never been more contentious.


The Westside Watchman
The Westside Watchman explores the story of iconic social worker Les Twentyman. Throughout his 35 years on streets, Les has gained recognition through his inspiring involvement with youth in crisis. From heroin outbreaks, to Victoria’s current Ice epidemic, at 67 years of age, Twentyman has never had more to fight for.

The Westside Watchman Loop-Meyers Place

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