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Sea Shepherd Melbourne are proud to announce a unique opportunity to hear more about the Operation Milagro campaign and the latest on the tensions and barriers facing Sea Shepherd in the race to save the Vaquita Porpoise. On Saturday 2nd of June, join us at Loop Bar in Melbourne for a presentation from one of the crew of Operation Milagro as well as a 30-minute documentary detailing the issues surrounding the imminent loss of this rare species.

Right now, animals are becoming extinct at a significantly faster rate than for millions of years before. As such scientists are warning that we are in currently in our ‘6th mass extinction’ era, the first since the dawn of time that has been entirely due to human impact on wildlife. Through habitat destruction, poaching, toxic pollution and climate change we are slowly wiping out entire species forever.

One of these species facing extinction is the Vaquita Porpoise, found only in the northern part of the Gulf of California in Mexico. Sadly, these porpoises are becoming entangled in nets which are set to trap a fish called the Totoaba. The Totoaba’s swim bladder is worth thousands of dollars on the black market and its population is also declining rapidly. The collateral damage, the Vaquita porpoise, is now estimated to have less than 30 individuals left in the wild.

Sea Shepherd have been working for the last 4 years to try and save this species from extinction. With the support of the Mexican Navy, Sea Shepherd have been removing the illegal gill nets which have been set to catch the Totoaba fish, and releasing all live animals caught in these nets back in to the ocean. Sadly, the poachers are growing in confidence as the demand for the Totoaba’s swim bladder increases, resulting in aggression towards Sea Shepherd including shooting one of our drones out of the sky and firing openly at crews retrieving nets.

So join us for an evening delving deeper in to these issues and have an opportunity to ask questions about campaign. There will be drinks available from the bar and vegan nibbles provided for all. Plus, our friendly on shore crew will be available to discuss all the latest campaigns and sell you the latest Sea Shepherd Merchandise. Loop bar will also be running a raffle with heaps of great prizes! $10 entry either by eventbrite tickets (link below) but hurry! Only 50 places available! There will be an option to pay or on door (cash or EFTPOS) if tickets don’t sell out. 100% of ticket sales will go towards our campaigns. Children welcome however please be aware some graphic images included in the presentation and documentary that some may find distressing. We look forward to seeing you there!

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