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Utilising more than 5 years experience in social media, content creation and advertising working with the ABC, SeeSo, SMG Studios, Village Roadshow, The Greens, comedians and independent digital content creators, Harrison Engstrom is presenting a series of case studies and content which has resulted in being seen by more than 7 million people online.

From Twitter to Facebook to YouTube to Reddit, Harrison Engstrom has helped several different types of content go viral both at home and abroad and is ready to share how and why that is the case, as well as simple tips and tricks to optimise your content for different audiences.
If you’re a comedian, performer, content creator or are simply trying to build an audience, Harrison can help teach you about growing online and getting your content out there to millions!
There are two tiers of ticketing, the event is pretty much free, but if you want to throw in a bit of money, you will get a copy of the entire presentation as well as an audio recording of the guide.
Presentation will be an hour long and you are free to ask questions at the bar after or via email!
Limited spaces only – but there should be another presentation in late Februray for people doing Comedy Festival, for those who can’t make it.


How to Not Go Viral Loop- Meyers Place

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