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Spotlight on Melbourne is a showcase of locally produced web series by Melbourne WebFest. Ten series are included in the Spotlight selection this year and are in the running for the “Best of Spotlight” award at this year’s festival.


Gardens of Edinburgh is an exaggerated parody sketch series exploring the ridiculously pretentious and vapid culture of an northern inner city Melbourne hipster.

Gardens of Edinburgh MWF Loop- Meyers Place

Goodall and Gallagher is a sketch comedy show about social media and male behaviour starring Luke Goodall and Marc Gallagher.

goodall_and_gallagher_MWF Loop- Meyers Place

i can’t even is the debut web series from co-creators Hayley and Alyce Adams. A sketch comedy web series about two self-proclaimed pop culture nerds, i can’t even. stars Louise Cox as Em and Tiana Hogben as Lex. Living vicariously through their favourite cult fandoms, the show explores such obsessions as The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.

i_cant_even._MWF Loop- Meyers Place

Leftovers Sketch Comedy is an ongoing comedic web series that explores different themes in contemporary society. With a focus on the experience of young Australians, each sketch pokes fun at a new social norm or convention.

leftovers_MWF Loop- Meyers Place

MOVEMENT is a six part comedy web series about dance therapy. We follow Sophia, a self confessed try hard, as she battles her demons with the help of her dance therapy sessions. Each week (each episode) in class, Sophia uses a ‘healing mantra’ to deal with her struggles of tangled love, aimless career goals and lack of identity. Sophia’s commitment to her mantras takes her on journeys to the extreme as she tries her hardest to ‘foff’ her way into womanhood.

movement_MWF Loop- Meyers Place
Shadow Factory takes a comedic look behind the scenes of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. From the viewpoint of new recruit Huntsman we are shown the inner workings of Australia’s defenders. Where you may be saving the day, but you are still a public servant and have to make sure you’re keeping to budget, completed your safety inductions and entered your footy tips.

Shadow Factory MWF Loop- Meyers Place

Shakespeare Republic uses some of Shakespeare’s most iconic monologues and sonnets, each episode is a stand-alone “snapshot” of a piece of current Australian life – set firmly in the 21st Century. A web series with performances from Michala Banas, Alan Fletcher, Ben Steel, Sally McLean, Rowena Hutson and Billy Smedley – this is deliberately Shakespeare with a difference!
shakespeare republic MWF Loop- Meyers Place

Talk Is Cheap is a doco web series hosted by journalist Julia Vogl. The show’s premise is to destroy the barrier between fans and celebrities, through an entertaining and thought provoking medium. Talk Is Cheap is made up of two parts, a behind the scenes look into the guests daily routine/ life, and an extreme challenge. This model humanises each guest in a way that their own online content doesn’t allow for. It allows access to fans of a side rarely seen.

Talk-is-Cheap MWF Loop- Meyers Place

The Odd Sock follows the unfortunate pairing of Michael and his unrefined sock puppet Sid in a four episode escapade. This unique web series with its unambiguously Australian take on the black comedy genre assures a humorous, cynical take on existence and its misfortunes. Audiences will be captivated by Sid’s explicit nature; starkly contrasting with Michael’s introverted ways.

odd_sock_ MWF Loop- Meyers Place

The VIS Road to Rio profile documentary series features a selection of Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games hopefuls as they strive to reach their personal and professional dreams. The series features athletes from a different sport each and every month leading up to the Rio opening ceremony on August 5th, 2016. Each athlete’s story is unique and aims to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

vis_road_to_rio MWF Loop- Meyers Place

All the series can be explored here: http://www.melbournewebfest.com/2016-spotlight-on-melbourne/

MWF Loop- Meyers Place

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