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Join Melbourne based electronic musician MilesCosmo at Loop Bar on Sunday 13th October for the launch of his latest album Beteo Pod with support acts  for an evening of electronic pleasures.
With heavy use of analog synthesisers, Beteo Pod glides, screams and clangs with a sonorous and spacious ambience. Venture through this analog wonderland of organic flesh landscapes with bleeding horizons and waves of skin.
Plug in your nerve jack and melt into the bioelectrical pulse.

MilesCosmo has been producing music and creating art pieces in Melbourne for five years.
To date his most notable project was the critically praised Metropolis: Audio Redux; a completely
new and modern musical score for the 1927 Fritz Lang classic silent film, Metropolis.
Metropolis: Audio Redux was shown at the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival and then later the 2012 Perth Fringe World Festival. After taking Metropolis: Audio Redux on the road to his hometown of Perth, MilesCosmo was ready for a new project; something more challenging and sonically diversified but above all something more personal. Drawing on his experiences with his family and his father?s severe dementia, MilesCosmo wrote and produced an incredibly personal and intimate album called Fatherless Son. With these two releases under his belt MilesCosmo was looking for a new direction. After setting up a new studio and acquiring a selection of analog synthesizers the new direction was clear: organically synthetic alien life forms swarming across a flesh landscape of flittering skin waves and pulsating flesh… in audio form. This is Beteo Pod.

Syncretia spends a large part of his life playing different instruments and studying music, and after years of listening to various downtempo electronica sounds on the radio station Limbik Frequencies he decided to have a crack at writing his own downtempo electronica.
He immediately found that electronic music production was far less compromising than being in bands, and that working with computers was far more amenable to his mode of creative flow. He delves deep into digital sound design and explores the more complex forms of synthesis, including granular synthesis and sample mangling techniques. Syncretia is heavily influenced by analog sounds, abstract electronica, and well-loved vintage synthesizers.

Mainly producing and performing in the field of techno and house, Juxtpose also deviates into dub, breaks, hip hop and drum’n?bass. Getting involved in purely electronic music after an interview with Mad Mike from the Underground Resistance led to a love of early Detroit Techno, and artists such as Drexciya and Jeff Mills. This evolved into more contemporary techno and house styles after a stint in Berlin in 2012, and the Juxtpose name is derived from a love of juxtaposing different sounds and styles together. The EP release Mantaray is out now on SUB AMP, and a vinyl release is coming soon via Heard and Felt.

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