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Everybody loves to hate the French, with their snooty accents, pencil-thin moustaches, silly hats and propensity to surrender. Jacqueline Mifsud, though, was obsessed with them, their fancy-pants culture and poetic language. So much so, she decided to move to Paris in 2009.

The Parisians didn’t want a le bar of Jacqueline and were too le tired to bother teaching her to become a classy French fille.

What was it like living in Paris for four years?
“Tre?s cool” Jacqueline will tell you, through gritted teeth and suppressed memory.

THE LIES MUST END! Jacqueline’s story must be heard!

This show is her tell-all tale of what it’s really like for an English speaker to live in the city of lights; a filthy thorn among a city of perfectly-manicured roses.

“Learning French is like trying to suck your own penis” Jacqueline imagines, “It can be done but you have to crack a few ribs along the way.”

Experience the occasional highs and undignified lows of being an Anglophone girl in a Francophone world.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll cringe some more and you might laugh again. “Occasionally crude, but always charming” – Crikey
*This show is perfect for both lovers and haters of Ze French!

The Anglophone  Loop- Meyers Place

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